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M-Group is a leading Australian investor and provider of business assistance to a range of Australian and International Businesses.

The Mooroolbark Group

The Mooroolbark Group (M-Group) is a leading Australian investor and provider of business assistance to a range of Australian and International businesses. M-Group has an outstanding track-record in the creation of long-term value through establishing, investing in and assisting businesses to successfully capitalize on global and domestic market opportunities.

M-Group is run by a small group of highly experienced international business owners and managers.

Established in 1997, M-Group has many successful investments in Australian and US companies and has developed a sound reputation as a specialist investor in Technology and other market sectors. M-Group takes pride in its record and focus as a long-term investor, and is motivated to achieve investment returns via investee company profits and long-term capital appreciation, rather than by pursuing short-term, deal-focused outcomes.

M-Group has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Washington DC.


With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Washington DC, the Mooroolbark group of companies (M-Group) is a leading "boutique-style" investor.
M-Group provides equity financing and associated business assistance to small and medium-sized Australian and international companies - particularly those with a desire for growth and expansion.

M-Group's aim is to create and enhance long-term value through equity investment and by actively assisting businesses to expand and to successfully address national and global markets. Typical assistance to our investees can comprise one or more of the following activities :-

  • Equity financing (lead or consortium)
  • Management advice and mentoring
  • International expansion
  • Access to an International pool of talent to strengthen management teams

M-Group is owned and managed by a small group of Principals who are experienced in all aspects of business, including funding, strategy, management, marketing, operations, finance and corporate legal advice.

The Group is highly selective in its engagements and has a well-proven track record of success in the identification, development and strategic positioning of businesses in a variety of industry sectors.

M-Group is unlike most venture capital firms because it:

  • Invests its own funds - it is not a funds manager;
  • Has a long-term investment horizon, and makes investments without the constraints of, or desire for, predetermined or early exits;
  • Is prepared to invest in companies at various stages of development providing "angel" funding through to major investments in large businesses;
  • Provides, where required, "hands on" management assistance to investee companies - reflecting a philosophy that successful companies are created rather than simply selected.

Through widespread international experience of the Principals, M-Group is able to offer advice and "hands-on" management assistance based on real practical experience, not text-book theory. Our extensive international connections also allow investees to tap into a wide pool of varied business and operational skills.


The principals of M-Group have a wide and varied international business experience, being founders and managers of several businesses, varying from small start-ups to some of Asia/Pacific's largest and most successful public corporations. Geographically this experience spans across all of Asia, Australasia, USA and Europe. They have a well-proven record of success in the identification, development and strategic positioning of businesses in a variety of technology and other sectors. Their focus is on creating successful companies over the long-term which provide investment rewards via proft-streams and long-term capital appreciation.

In terms of business functions the collective experience of the M-Group principals covers all of the following areas in depth :-

  • Entrepreneurial business startup
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Public Listings
  • Corporate Legal Advice
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Sales & Marketing
  • General Management
  • Manufacturing
  • R & D
  • Customer Relations

The principals have established and managed four companies that have achieved significant international success, three of which were among Asia Pacific's most successful IT businesses :-

  • Datacraft Australia - Formerly ASX listed, exit value A$320 Million
  • OpenDirectory - Exit value A$60 Million
  • Datacraft Asia - Singapore listed, 2003 market capitalisation US$600 Million
  • Cellestis - Biotech company; most successful ASX IPO of 2001


Established in 1997, M-Group has to date made many investments in Australian and US companies.

Some examples of investments by M-Group and its principals include :-

Cohda Wireless Pty Ltd - Cohda is a leading supplier of software for the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) market. The company provides innovative software solutions that enable autonomous vehicles to connect with other vehicles and with Smart City infrastructure. These connections span Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (collectively called V2X) and allow CAVs to “talk” to each other, to Smart Cities, and to vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and be more efficient. Cohda technology is used in over 60% of the trials of this type of technology worldwide and Cohda has won both of the first two volume production vehicle deployments of V2X for major auto manufacturers. M-Group has participated in 3 rounds of investment in the company and was instrumental in bringing global industry players Cisco and NXP onboard as Cohda shareholders. - http://www.cohdawireless.com

Inlink Pty Ltd/ Xperior Pty Ltd - Inlink was a privately held Australian company which pioneered the supply and management of Elevator-based content delivery Systems. M-Group invested initially in 2004 as the company developed a digital media network in the elevators of high-rise office buildings to display up-to-the-minute news, information, entertainment and advertising. By 2015 Inlink had deployed some 2,800 screens across Australia’s key capital cities making its media network the largest and fastest growing CBD-based Digital-Out-Of-Home network in Australia. The company was successfully sold to oOH Media (http://www.oohmedia.com.au/ooh-acquires-inlink-and-upgrades-profit-guidance/) in late 2015. Prior to this acquisition, part of the software development team of Inlink was spun-out into a separate company called Xperior which has developed online Tenant Portal software which is marketed to commercial property owners and managers. Mgroup is a foundation shareholder of this new early stage venture. - http://www.inlink.com.au - http://www.xperior.com

McMillan Shakespeare Limited - McMillan Shakespeare is a top 200 ASX-listed company and Australia’s leading single source solution provider of salary packaging, novated leasing, consumer and fleet financing and management services. MMS has 21 subsidiary businesses, with 15 incorporated in Australia, two in New Zealand and the remaining four in the UK. An M-Group affiliate coordinated the Leveraged Management Buy-Out of the company from Zurich Australia Ltd, provided capital and managed the company’s IPO on the ASX which was the most successful industrial IPO in its year of listing. - http://www.mmsg.com.au

SciVentures Pty Ltd - M-Group is the majority and cornerstone private investor in this fund which was awarded one of four AusIndustry Pre-Seed Fund licenses by the Federal Government. M-Group's co-investors include CSIRO and nine Australian universities.

Cellestis Ltd. - Cellestis is a developer of medical diagnostic technology with initial products to diagnose latent TB. An M-Group affiliate was a key partner in the establishment of Cellestis in 2000, has provided capital and managed the company’s IPO on the ASX. Since inception, Cellestis’s “Quantiferon-Tb” product range has become the global standard for diagnosing latent TB and sales now exceed $150 million annually. The company’s IPO on the ASX was the most successful by share market return in its year of listing. Cellestis was acquired by Qiagen Inc. in a public takeover in 2011. - http://www.quantiferon.com

Pharmaxis Ltd - Pharmaxis is a developer of treatments and diagnostic products for auto-immune diseases including cystic fibrosis, MS and asthma – M-Group provided Mezzanine finance for this company which is now listed on the ASX - http://www.pharmaxis.com.au

Ascend Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - Ascend is an early stage biotech company primarily focussed in the treatment of nodular basal cell carcinomas (a common form of skin cancer) which are located in areas of the human body difficult to treat with conventional radiation and chemo therapies. Ascend Biopharmaceuticals was formed from the merger of 4G Vaccines and IgAvax late in 2012, Original R&D activities, funded by SciVentures, commenced in November 2006. The investments by SciVentures in both of the original companies were based on IP from the University of Melbourne, and the Burnet Institute. In late 2016 the company announced a successful small-scale patient trial. Based on these encouraging results, the company continues the trialling of their ASN-002 product with larger cohort numbers. - http://www.ascendbiopharma.com

Glutagen Pty Ltd. - Glutagen is a biopharmaceutical company based in Melbourne. Glutagen’s primary focus is providing products to support the health and wellbeing of individuals who suffer when digesting gluten. Glutagen’s initial product, GluteGuard®, is the culmination of decades of clinical research led by Professor Hugh Cornell at RMIT University. This early work, which illustrated the biochemical composition of gluten, has been instrumental to today’s understanding of why gluten is difficult for many people to digest. An M-Group company is the cornerstone investor in Glutagen .M-Group’s funding has enabled the company to successfully develop, complete clinical trials and launch its GluteGuard product. - https://glutagen.com

Acendre (formerly NGA.NET) - Acendre, was one of Australia’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. Whilst initially focused on recruitment and talent acquisition, Acendre has evolved to provide a fully-integrated talent management system that today serves many of the world’s largest enterprises assisting them to digitally transform their organisations. The company has a leadership position in the United States federal government market. With offices in three continents, Acendre’s cloud-based solutions are deployed in over 200 of the world's largest organizations, including almost 100 federal agencies, helping them recruit, on-board, engage and develop their employees to improve workforce performance. M-Group has assisted Acendre since 2003 in setting their long-term strategies and expanding their business internationally. - http://www.acendre.com

Aqua Diagnostic Pty Ltd - Aqua Diagnostic’s mission is to become an international supplier of innovative water analysis technologies. Aqua Diagnostic is commercializing a range of products based on its PeCOD™ technology with its initial focus on the rapidly growing global water management market. M-Group has provided private equity investment to the company which is in the process of gaining EPA approvals in the US for its products. - http://www.aquadiagnostic.com

Azure Healthcare Limited - Azure Healthcare is an international provider of healthcare communication and clinical workflow management solutions. The company is headquartered in Australia and listed on the ASX, has subsidiaries in six countries and supports more than 6,000 healthcare facilities through their global reseller network. An M-Group affiliate is a substantial shareholder of Azure Healthcare - http://www.azurehealthcare.com.au

Avipep Pty Ltd - Avipep is a privately owned company based in Melbourne Australia which is focused on developing Avibodies (the key binding domains of antibodies) as a platform for targeting cells in the body with a focus on antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) for the treatment of cancer. M-Group has provided investment in Avipep which has assisted in funding development and clinical trials. - http://www.avipep.com.au

Pharmaxis Ltd - Pharmaixis is a developer of treatments and diagnostic products for auto-immune diseases including cystic fibrosis, MS and asthma – M-Group was an early stage investor in this company which is now listed on the ASX - http://www.pharmaxis.com.au


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